New Face2Face V2 System - Now with "Meth Mouth"! (Sale Price: $2,995)

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Sheriff Magazine Review in the May/June 2012 issue
Announcing the shipping of a new product for the iPad, Face2Face iPad

Software to help combat meth use among teens - Calaveras News, Oct 2012
Announcing the shipping of a new product for the iPad, Face2Face iPad

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Face2Face system has been developed to fight the Methamphetamine epidemic by showing people at risk how their faces will look like in 6 months, 1 year and 3 years after using meth. By personalizing the drug awareness message, Face2Face is effectively used in education and prevention by showing the shocking visual changes meth causes.
The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, has created a Methamp- hetamine Awareness Program for Mendocino County. Sheriff Tom Allman approached software developer Abalone LLC of Moss Beach, California with a request to develop a 3D software that can show the devastating effects of meth on a person's face. To date Face2Face has been adapted by numerous sheriff and police departments, US Air Force, DEA Demand Reduction Units and National Guard Counterdrug units in many states.

1. Face2Face Version 2 can now handle “Open Smile” pictures and show how crystal meth use contributes to tooth decay and causes the so-called “Meth Mouth”.
2. Version 2 also comes with improved/more realistic texture maps to simulate the scarring of the facial skin.
Standard system: Camera, software, tripod, training, upgrade and tech support=$2,995
Extended system: Camera, laptop, carrying case, software, tripod, training, upgrade and tech support=$3,995


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The system is fully portable and very easy to operate. Taking pictures with the Fuji W1 camera is as simple as with any other digital camera. The software is fully automatic - with a single click the head is created at almost double the speed of the previous system, in about 1 - 1.5 minute. Buttons allow to view and print the 6 month, 1 year and 3 year images. System Requirements: Laptop running at least 2 GHz processor, 500 Mb disk space, Vista or W7 OS. IMPORTANT: PERFORMANCE WILL DEPEND ON PROCESSOR SPEED. RECOMMENDED AT LEAST 2 GHz PROCESSOR! APPROX. PROCESSING TIME WITH INTEL 2.4 GHz PROCESSOR IS 1 MIN PER 3D HEAD. SLOWER THAN 2GHz MACHINES MAY TAKE LONGER TO PROCESS.


Face2Face is developed and distributed exclusively by Abalone LLC, a California company located in Moss Beach, California, 94038 Tel: 650-302-0894 Email:
Face2Face Option 1 Reg. $3,795

Face2Face Option 2 Reg. $4,895

Included: 1 Fuji Finepix W1 camera, training video, Face2Face software, unlimited software upgrades and tech support.(Add Dell laptop, laptop/camera bag for Option 2)